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Our DoctorsOur team of experienced doctors and nurses can provide you with urgent treatment with the utmost dedication.
About UsWe have an on-site EKG and Xray
facility to obtain quick results.
Physical Exam Woodland HillsWe’re ready to give your the best
care when you need it the most.
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Warner Provides Quality, Compassion and Care

Urgent Care Woodland Hills

Warner Urgent Care

offers many benefits
We provide prompt attention to medical concerns that demand immediate treatment. Our clinic is frequently available to address your most immediate needs. Skip the long lines and receive care at the time you need it most!
We know the importance
and value of your time
There is no need for appointments at our clinic. If you are experiencing an injury or medical problem, you can expect to receive treatment right away. We are available to provide timely assistance for various medical concerns.
Bringing You State-of-the-art Medical Facilities
Operating Room
We possess advanced operating rooms that are equipped to treat various medical injuries and conditions. These are available on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed!
On-site Laboratory
Our on-site laboratory is prepared to provide the timely solutions you need to treat numerous medical concerns. Our clinic accepts walk-in patients and we provide treatment results through email.
Radiology Support
If you are experiencing medical injuries or problems that demand prompt attention, our on-site x-ray services can deliver a comprehensive evaluation and determine the most effective solutions.
Clean Environment
The care provided at our clinic is delivered in the most serene conditions. We utilize clean materials in a safe environment to ensure your comfort during our treatments.
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About Our OfficeWe perform high quality care that treats various medical conditions from injuries to infections.
Physical Exams Woodland HillsWe are certified by the Department of Transit and Department of Homeland Security to provide physical exams.
Travel Vaccinations Woodland HillsThe diseases treated through our vaccination procedures include influenza, HIV, polio, pneumonia, etc.
Common Illnesses
Our doctors treat various illnesses and conditions such as bladder infections, lacerations, bronchitis, etc.
Injuries and Trauma
We hold an advanced level of expertise in treating injuries such as whiplash, back pain, ankle sprains, headaches, etc.
Episodes / Complications
Our passionate team delivers prompt attention to medical conditions such as allergies, anemia, abdominal pain, etc.
Pediatric Care
Pediatric care is one of our specialties and we treat various medical complications that occur to children.
Preventive Screenings
Our urgent care includes screenings to evaluate blood pressure, drugs, liver problems, cholesterol problems, etc.
Diagnostics / Tests
We utilize advanced testing methods to examine HIV, influenza, blood counts, hepatitis, microscopy, etc.